Performs Well Under Pressure

Most of us believe that performing well under pressure is important, we are all capable of it if we are in the correct mindset, but more often than not it is a quality we desire for ourselves but seemingly don’t teach ourselves how to be.

Its all well and good sitting and wishing you could cope when the proverbial sh*t hits the fan but its something quite different actually coping with it. Look around you – there are probably people under more pressure than you and some less – some look like they don’t have a care in the world when inside they are quite the opposite and vice versa.

Performing well under pressure feels like something a sales executive would put on their Linkedin or their CV, showing off their skills with the number of leads they nurture. In fast paced environments you have just get on with it and concentrate, there’s no time for joking around – that’s why they live for the weekend.

Identifying your true pressures can be hard but your mindset should help you overcome any problems. Preparation is key – you cant predict everything but you can have strategies in place to stop you from stumbling.

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