Listen To Your Body – It Knows!

Are there any particular times you wake up? Have you always wondered why you wake up at that time or possibly why you aren’t feeling your best? Listening to your body is something that we often don’t do enough, I will attest to that for example when my digestive system slows down I often get a very specific pain in my back when when consulting with my osteopath he advised me is because I was constipated and not processing food properly, once i corrected this my symptoms were immediately alleviated. We go to doctors to have our symptoms ‘treated’ but if we spent more time looking at the causes the treatments are often much less invasive.

I am by no means an expert in Acupuncture or meridian clocks but my mother is a qualified acupuncturist. One of the first things they learnt was about the meridian body clocks, different times of the day correspond to your body doing or processing different things. So for example the reason why you often need the toilet first thing is because between 5am and 7am is digestive and intestines, just before that between 3am and 5am is your lungs. My mother often wakes up at 3am when her breathing is exacerbated by something or she requires a medication review for her asthma, as she is notorious for ignoring her own symptoms its a conversation I have to have with her every so often just to make sure she is aware of her own well being. The image below details the clock and the activities that are best to do at that time of day, note that they recommend an afternoon nap which we are often not able to do due to work but does explain why we want to sleep after lunch. Note suppertime is between 5pm and 7pm in preparation for an evening of self-love or sex, an ideal time to relax and enjoy yourself.

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