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We are now day 6 of #nanowrimo and I have to confess that I have not made progress, it almost feels like I shouldn’t be writing this blog post but instead I should be cracking on with planning and writing book two of We The Few.

For those of you who don’t know what #nanowrimo is November is National Novel Writing Month shortened to nanowrimo. Last year I used it to get a substantial amount of work done to my first novel so it only seems right that this year should be book two. Although I look at the 50k goal 6 days in and wonder if its maybe a step too far. I work 5 days in 4 so I do have 3 clear days a week to allocate some time from and even though I am not working from home through the new lock down there is still an opportunity whilst we are at home.

Once I get an outline planned for book two it shouldn’t take too long to write, it should also keep the characters under control as they seemed to take over the story rather than letting me guide them during the first book. I suspect this weekend will be a busy one filled with reading and writing not something I am upset about as I haven’t made myself sit down and read in too long. My to be read pile is pretty much an entire 3 tier bookshelf!

Are you taking part in nanowrimo? What goals are you hoping to achieve this year? Leave a comment below or join the conversation at  my NaNoWriMo handle is onlynomeswriting why not join me!

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