Empty Promises – Redemption Required

When you make a promise it is expected, by most people at least, to be kept not ignored. The perpetual “Yes I will” or “i’ll get round to it” becomes frustrating to the people you have promised and if you have an even an ounce of insight you will see it too. Its difficult to admit for anyone but you need to in order to move on, once its done “crack on” as they say.

Redemption can be difficult because people have grown tired of your empty promises and no longer accept them as they used to. ‘Doing’ and ‘showing’ is the only way to show people the change you have made to your life and your attitude. No one wants to hear an empty promise they want to know they can trust the person they are talking to not have to second guess them because they aren’t sold on their story. If you want something you need to show it, your body language and tone of voice are just as important as your words.

The best advice anyone can give under the circumstances and this is aimed at myself as well is have conviction and a plan, love yourself above all else because without that everything else is hard. It might be hard to narrow it down but find something you want and go for it.

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